Community Programs

poster_eagle.jpgLecture Demonstration

Mortal Coil has developed lecture demonstrations that can function as an informative and engaging event on its own or as an interest builder leading up to a scheduled performance. These presentations demonstrate how various artistic disciplines are combined to create dynamic, interdisciplinary theatre. Performers demonstrate in an entertaining way how to use stilts, how various masks and costumes are made and how to integrate song, dance and percussion in the making of a full length show. These lecture demonstrations are fun, informative and interactive.


Mortal Coil offers workshops for schools and other interested community groups in the following categories:

STILTS WALKING: Basic stilt walking workshops focus on posture, balance, body awareness and safety while students strap on a pair of tilts and discover a whole new way of walking! Extended stilt walking workshops can include stilt building and advanced stilt dancing.

COSTUME MAKING: This workshop encourages students to use their imagination to create costumes, headdresses, stilt covers and costume accessories.

MASK MAKING: A variety of mask making techniques are utilized in these fun, hands-on workshops. Workshops can be tailored to the presenters' needs.

Community Events

Mortal Coil is also available to help create community celebrations, working directly with community members in workshop and event planning. 



Ultimate High

Ultimate High is a community arts program created and produced by Mortal Coil in association with community organizations that work with street-engaged or marginalized youth.

The Ultimate High program consists of a series of workshops in stilt dancing, costume making, stilt making, and performance skills, and culminates in an outdoor performance by the youth in their own community.

The art of stilt walking is an incredibly trans-formative discipline and young people are given the chance to experience the Ultimate High as they step beyond their fears and soar above the ordinary.