Past Shows

North Vancouver’s Presentation House Theatre and Mortal Coil Performance Society are partnering to create FIRST WELCOME – HYCH’KA – in July, August and September, 2017 in North Vancouver, Vancouver and Richmond BC. Part of Canada’s 150+ Celebrations, FIRST WELCOME –HYCH’KA explores and celebrates first contacts and welcome between people, cultures, and species.

First Contact - Hych'ka

Mortal Coil Performance Society is proud to be remounting its 2011 hit production of Salmon Row at the Britannia Shipyards National Historic Site in Steveston BC.  This site specific re-imagining of the vibrant communities that fished by the banks of the Fraser River brings back the team that created the original sold out production and will be running from August 15 to September 1.  

Salmon Row (2013)

Employing close to 20 actors, stilted characters, large masks, original songs and a live 4 piece band, Salmon Row tells the story of a place of plenty, the mouth of the Fraser River and the creatures and peoples who subsisted, thrived and profited from the seemingly endless resource of salmon which they found there.  As word of this treasure trove of fish and the economic opportunity it offered spread throughout the world, the river became populated by thousands of people from as far away as Haida Gwaii, China, Japan and Europe.  This caused the delicately balanced realm of Eagle, Bear and Aboriginal people to be brutally thrust into the world of modern industry with gigantic canneries processing millions of fish in one season.

Salmon Row (2011)

We are proud to be developing The Boy with the Enchanted Hands with Co-artistic Director Sharon Bayly and long time Mortal Coil friend and collaborator Tamara Unroe.

The story follows a young boy who has magic ‘green’ fingers that make flowers grow instantly; his pony can speak; and the flowers can hear and can communicate through language. Inspired by a well known children's novel and by Sharon and Tamara's desire to collaborate as artists, this work is designed specifically for puppets and clown, and is being produced to tour.

The Boy with the Enchanted Hands

Puppetry stilt dance and song bring geological events to life as two characters travel back in time in search of a dinosaur. Along the way they see an exciting volcano dance on stilts and roller-blading "rocky" players giving tectonic body checks.

Lava and Bones

Mortal Coil is proud to announce its next site specific production, The Faerie Play.  Produced in partnership with the City of Richmond and the Sharing Farm in Terra Nova Park, The Faerie Play is a show for families that follows the adventures of a group of children, one of whom has been stolen by the resident fairies on the Farm.  Designed to introduce urban families to all farm occupants, The Faerie Play uses music, puppets, children and farmers interacting with each other and the audience in order to find the missing child and to explore the many sites that exi

Faerie Play

The coastal forest is an ecology of vast, ancient trees, filled with mysterious sounds. Alicia set out into this world to follow a small green frog she has rescued from the screeching tires of a truck. When she arrives at the edge of the forest, she magically shrinks to the size of her companion frog and is introduced to the secret life of the forest, where storms and adventures brew up suddenly and unexpectedly. Alicia journeys from the gray flatland of her city into the world of the senses. Small insects tower over her, trees seem to go on forever and frogs sing rainforest songs.

The Treemendous Journey

Letters From Lithuania was the adult, outdoor, site specific interdisciplinary performance production about family history and displacement.  This work was set aboard the miniature train in Stanley Park, and combined Mortal Coil's grand scale of theatrical practice with the Eastern European musical repertoire of vocal ensemble Zeelia.

Letters from Lithuania