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Alec Dan, Peter Hall, Iona Paul

Puppet and production element Designers: 

Barbara Clayden, Peter Hall, Elia Kirby, Iona Paul,
Joseph Paul, Frank Rader, Bessie Wapp


Songs by:

Benjamin Leo
except Paddle to Battle by Kevin Seward and
Musqueam Paddle Song


photo: Kayla Isomura



Tsatsu Stalqayu
The Parents The Children
Iona Paul Katisha Paul
Alec Dan Demetrius Paul
Joseph Paul Perseis Paul
Amanda Kenoras-Paul Mackenzie Paul
Shadae Johnson Alec Sylvester
Anastasia Paul Ayanla Johnson
Kevin Seward Arthur Seward
Boedaya Paul Khe’Sul Seward
Leonard Sylvester Mikyla Rose Johnson
Benjamin Paul Shalaya Paul
Madii Good Zainah Good
  Rayfield Seward
  Eleanor Sylvester
  Nakoah Good
  Cepheus Paul












Photo: Tim Matheson, Vancouver Folk Festival 2019


All Regalia created, made and owned by Tsatsu Stalqayu



Performers and Puppeteers: Melissa Aston, Kate Bateman, Denise Galay, Dan Joeck, Talon Paul, Jim Preston, Sarah Redmond, Amira Routledge, Sean Sonier, Lenard Stanga, Tamara Unroe and Tsatsu Stalqayu

Production Manager:  David (DK) Kerr

Site Managers:  Ingrid Turk, Jingo Lewis 
Assistant Site Managers:
Naiya Sanchez Antonio, Sekahnee Baker

Performer Coordinator:  Sharon Bayly

Administrative Assistants:  Anastasia Paul, Katisha Paul

Front of House: Petrice Brett, Vanessa Violini
Assistant Front of House: 
Emma Levebvre, Manuel Strain

Film Crew 

Director:  Lois Anderson

Director of Photography:  Cuyler Frink

Editor, Camera:  Candelario Andrade

Camera: Michaela Crook

Photo Tim Matheson, Salmon Row, 2011

Sound: Josh Thompson

Consultant: Gregory Coyes


Mortal Coil Performance

Artistic Director:  Peter Hall

General Manager:  Marietta Kozak


Catering by Bigheart Bannock


Thanks and acknowledgements

Great Northern Way Scene Shop
Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation

Indigenous Digital Film Program
Capilano University
Doreen Manuel

Erinne Drake


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